Enquiry Handling

Service through Answers

The measure of any marketing strategy is how many customers will get interested in the products and/or services offered by a company and actually convert. Your marketing programs may be effective in creating interest, but they will not result in significant revenues when your inhouse response handling system is not capable of answering all the customer inquiries that follow. Thus, the key to any successful marketing program is having the resources to process all customer inquiries and convert them to a steady stream of profits.

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More Efficiency

With the clear and rapid flow of information from our agents to your prospects, the latter will be able to make quicker purchasing decisions that generate revenue for you. We will also strictly filter your system, so that only the most interested leads will reach your sales force whom we can complement or replace if you need us to. Through our expert handling of each inquiry or concern, you will be able to build a customer-centric image that will fortify your bottom line.

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Multiple Communication Channels

Never again will your customers be confused on which number to contact because we will see to it that your ads will have contact details that are directly routed to us. We will not only talk to your customers by phone, but also through e-mail, fax, Web chat and other channels that facilitate fast and clear responses. Thus, we can provide your sales team, dealers and distributors with high-converting leads that will never waste your time and resources.

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Marketing & Sales Database

Our inquiry handling services are never static because we always look for ways to improve them for the satisfaction of our clients. In light of this, our team will expertly manage your marketing and sales databases, cleaning them up and updating them as necessary. We will build a useful pool of data regarding your marketing and sales campaigns through reliable feedbacks from customers and salespeople. At the end of the day, we can track the progress of each campaign for you and help you make informed decisions about your business.