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third party verification services

Employment Verification Services

We help you empower your employment verification process with automated, uniform and controlled information capture. Our team diligently verifies and validates an applicant\’s employment history and background check, from date of employment, job titles, role and responsibilities, and education history to reasons for leaving and criminal record reports

Customer Data Verification

Authentic information is not only significant for communication, but also for customer analytics. Customer data verification ensures the authentic information capture of buyer’s billing and shipping address, and email information. It further lessens undeliverable packages and address correction charges. Our experts assess customer stability and authenticity via telephone verification to ensure seamless collection and delivery services.

third party verification outsourcing

Key Differentiators

  • We offer cost-effective call answering services to clients across a wide range of industries.
  • Our services help organizations stay connected to their customers round-the-clock to address all kinds of technical and non-technical calls.
  • We offer both human and virtual call answering agents based on client requirements and budgets to provide maximum return on their investments.
  • Our third party verification services have benefitted several organizations in increasing their customer satisfaction scores with effective management of their helpline number.