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Where There is an Idea there
is a Need

Career counseling has emerged as a critical need for students and parents to get relevant information and make guided choices when selecting the right career option. The long, challenging and often stressful process of admission is hard on students. A counselor steps into the role of a friend, guide and encourager when the going seems tough. Well-timed and sound advice often spells the difference between gaining the goal or quitting for a student. As there was no system to regulate this, there was a gap between admission process & applicants or potential applicants. This caused a number of problems such as: * Lack of awareness of the process

* Miscommunication
* Lack of trust & building of chaos

All this makes the enrollment process more difficult leading to dropout & falls in admission rates. Less admissions means more wasted seats. This eventually leads to a hefty loss to the institute.

We came up with a solution to bridge this gap. We offered the institute’s potential leads education counselling services which majorly involved:

* Calling up leads & informing them about the institute.
* Assisting students in admission queries & doubts.
* Guiding in choice of different fields of study.
* Assisting students in filling up of admission forms.

Our management being a powerhouse of strength has great depth of knowledge & experience being in years of superior work experience. We hired the best talent to get this process done efficiently & smoothly. We added. much needed value and thereby helping academies to level up their admission goals.

Now with 35+ client partners we have expanded our support to different sectors including banking, automobile, hospitality & more.

With employee strength of 300+ & counting we aim to bring immense quality & value transformation & employment in BPO sector.