In the most simple way, customer service is the ongoing actions taken to support and
co-operate with customers. Customer service, when done well, has just as much impact as a
strong sales funnel or excellent marketing efforts. Still not convinced? Take a look into these
amazing facts.

68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand
known to offer good customer service experiences. (HubSpot).

For 86%, good customer service turns one-time clients into long-term brand champions.
93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent
customer service. (HubSpot Research).

Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95%.
(Bain and Company)
Now that we know how powerful this strategy is, let’s dive deep into how your good customer
service can actually help your business grow!

Overall Business Growth
Great customer care services are essential to the growth and expansion of business. The ideal
way a company can advertise itself is by first satisfying its clients. This is because the word of
mouth plays a crucial role in marketing. This is a good way when it comes to direct publicity.

Customer Service Sets your Identity from Competitors.
Competition is so stiff in the corporate world that most firms hit the market today and by
tomorrow they may be gone. When a firm invests in integrating high-end client service
standards into their working strategy, they get ahead of their competitors. This is very necessary
especially for firms that have the same products or operate in the same market with their

Expansion & Retention of the Customer Base – local and international – by outperforming
customer service.
Increasing the number of customers has always remained the top strategy for all firms. This is
because the move forms the basis upon which firms can rise and grow their business. A
massive customer base makes it easy for any firm to take control of any market or region.

Avoids and Lessens Customer Churn
Excellent customer services play a pivotal role in retaining clients by making a positive
impression on them. It aims to achieve the best results in international recognition and
customer’s happiness.

Significant Fall of the Risk of Business Failure.

Firms that opt for the customer care focus for their strategies stand a better chance to have a
deeper understanding of the corporate world. A mutual customer relation provides a platform
upon which business organizations process and prepare for possible business risks.

Is your goal to achieve high business efficiency and profits ? Do you want to see great results
and watch your business skyrocket to success?

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